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10 elements to becoming Financially Well Organised

When you have a clear strategy for each of the elements, you will be Financially Well Organised and you too can have peace of mind your financial affairs are in order.

Planning for the future should be fun and exciting but often it can feel a little too hard or overwhelming. The problem is that our lives are busy. We’re more likely to be doing rather than planning.


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While none of us particularly like to think about ‘What happens when I’m gone?’, improper or no planning for your estate can lead to family disputes, assets getting into the wrong hands and long court litigation. Plan ahead to ensure your wishes are carried out.


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The greatest risk facing your family is your capacity to earn money. Minimising that risk starts with asking some difficult but important questions. Discover how to effectively minimise your risk and protect what’s important.


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An Asset Protection Plan covers the ownership structure of assets, ensuring they are owned in the right names or entities to limit the risk of exposure to creditors. The best approach to asset protection is to get the structure right from the outset but how do we achieve this?


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When it comes to being Financially Well Organised in a tax planning context, the primary goal is to pay the least amount of tax while remaining compliant with the law. The complexity of Australia’s taxation system works in your favour
when it comes to reducing the amount you pay back to the government.


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Debt is often a necessary part of achieving our objectives. Having a debt management strategy means understanding the most efficient way to structure your debt and having a clear, deliberate and tax effective approach.


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The goal of retirement is to achieve financial independence so that when you choose to retire, employment is optional rather than a necessity to survive. Discover our strategy and approach we take in building your Retirement Plan.


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Your business is the only asset you can directly affect the value of. Discover what factors you should be focusing on to increase profits while reducing business risk, to ultimately drive up the value of your business.


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Effective superannuation planning does not put your retirement savings at risk. On the contrary, it is about taking advantage of superannuation’s numerous advantages, particularly the low tax on earnings and asset protection benefits.


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A Financially Well Organised investment strategy centres around preserving your capital and aligning with your goals and attitude to risk. Invest today, secure your tomorrow.


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Each of these key elements work together to align with your goals. They are not ‘steps’ that must be planned in a set order, however, they are related parts to the same overall strategy.
The Foundation elements focus on establishing a solid framework. They give you the basis to move forward with confidence. These elements focus on getting clear on where you want to be and ensures the different elements align holistically to set you on the right path.
The Growth elements are then developed, building on and continuing to align to your goals, so you have a clear action plan to achieve your ultimate outcome of being Financially Well Organised.
This coordinated approach has time and time again produced greater outcomes for clients than the sum its individual parts and has delivered financial solutions that enhance the overall advice proposition.
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Goals andObjectives EstatePlan Risk Plan AssetProtectionPlan TaxationPlan Debt Plan RetirementPlan BusinessPlan Super Plan InvestmentPlan

Your guide to becoming Financially Well Organised

To be Financially Well Organised, it means that you have a co-ordinated, organised and comprehensive financial strategy tailored to achieving your goals and objectives. We have compiled an easy-to-read guide outlining what it means to be Financially Well Organised. This philosophy has helped us guide hundreds of businesses, individuals, and families to achieve their goals over the last 25 years.
The guide discusses the main areas of becoming Financially Well Organised for both individuals and businesses, as well as providing education on key areas to consider and issues to address, so that you can have peace of mind that your financial affairs are in order.
Download your copy below or open in a new window by clicking here

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Are you Financially Well Organised? The 10 Key Elements

When you have a clear strategy for each of these key elements, you will be Financially Well Organised and you too can have peace of mind your financial affairs are in order.

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