The forgotten gold mine!

Most businesses are capable of being sold; it’s just a matter of how much they are worth. A potential purchaser is likely to pay more for your business if the risk to their return income is less. After all, your business is the only asset you can affect the value of.

How much money it produces is something over which you have considerable control. The higher the business profits, and the lower the business risk, the higher the value of the business.

Achieving success for your business means taking the time to dig into and focus on a number of key factors which will improve your revenue and profitability. The 5 Key Drivers to Business Success are:

  • Business Context;
  • Organisational Responsibility;
  • Financial Management Systems;
  • Revenue Strategy; and
  • Leadership.

Hear from Matt Schlyder below as he discusses the 5 key drivers and what you should focus on to increase profits while reducing business risk.

By removing yourself from day-to-day decision making in the business and ensuring you have the right people managing key strategies and areas of your business, you can effectively:

Drive profits higher x Reduce business risk = Higher business value

A potential buyer of your business should feel that the business would operate profitably when you are no longer the in the picture. Click on the Business Plan guide below to read about the 5 Drivers to Business Success.

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Our purpose as your trusted advisor is to help guide you to achieve your business goals and overall plan to become Financially Well Organised. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of your Business Plan, please contact Matt Schlyder at or on 07 3833 3999 at anytime.

The 10 key elements to becoming Financially Well Organised

When you have a clear strategy for each of the elements, you will be  Financially Well Organised and you too can have peace of mind your financial affairs are in order.

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