Rob and Nat came to us in early 2007. In that first meeting we sat down with them and simply discussed where they were currently situated and their goals for the future.

Through the goal setting process it became clear that while they had a successful business and a lifestyle they enjoyed, they had also built it all around an inefficient structure. They had established a multiplicity of structures and plans all over the place that simply weren’t conducive to what they wanted to achieve. Nor was it tax effective.

We met with them several times over the following weeks and developed for them a list of priority items to action, essentially a roadmap for what to do going forward. First on the list was getting their Wills up to date and easily accessible. Though they each had drafted a Will, their situations had changed since the last draft which encompassed neither their full list of assets nor reflected their wishes. We also initiated taxation planning strategies and revamped their structure to be aligned with achieving their goals.

We educated them on why the structure was inefficient and how they could fix it. We did not simply take over everything for them. Control remains theirs; they are in charge and, most importantly, understand why things are structured the way they are and where the results come from.

The overall result is that Rob and Nat are now well organised. The structure is aligned with their goals. They each know how and where to access any information they may require and they can deal with future financial matters deftly and with ease.

They now have peace of mind.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Rob and Nat had to say about the process:

As a new client of elliotts we were introduced to the concept of being ‘Financially Well Organised’. As business owners we thought we were organised. In our first meeting with elliotts we discovered we were not. We had accumulated companies, trusts, assets, liabilities and structures that did not work in the most tax effective way. We also had goals that were not aligned to the business and estate structure that we had created.

When a better way was highlighted to us it became obvious that we had accumulated an inefficient mess. Who knows how much extra tax we have been paying because we were not financially well organised.

The team at elliotts fixed it. We are now much more organised and feel great about it. The feeling you get when you know that everything is current, the children will be looked after properly and the tax structure works in the most effective way is a total feeling of being at peace. We treat the money we paid to be better organised as an investment.

It has already paid itself back many times over. We cannot recommend elliotts and being financially well organised enough!

Rob and Natalie Nixon, Brisbane

PS – We mean every word of it.