The Australian Tax Office have sent out another notification for all individuals and businesses affected by natural disasters in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia (including those affected by the recent bushfires in Western Australia) additional time for tax-related lodgments and some associated payments.

If your business or residential address is in one of the identified postcodes listed, the ATO will automatically make arrangements to defer the following lodgment due dates:

The associated payment dates for all lodgments listed above will also be deferred accordingly.

Lodgment of quarterly superannuation guarantee charge statements has also been automatically deferred from 28 February 2011 to 28 March 2011. The ATO do not have the authority to defer the due date for payment. If employers have missed their payments they should contact the ATO.

You do not need to apply for these deferrals and if later deferrals have already been granted, these still apply. The update to ATO systems will take some days to complete for each individual or business but it will occur before 21 March. If you require additional time to lodge and pay you will need to contact the ATO. Similarly, if you or your clients face other lodgment or payment obligations in the coming weeks and you need additional time, phone the ATO on 13 72 86 Fast Key Code 5 before any due dates.

If you have been affected by the natural disasters and receive any correspondence from the ATO that you or your clients are not ready to deal with contact the ATO on 1800 806 218 and they will make special arrangements with you, otherwise contact us here at elliotts on 07 3833 3999 and we can organize this for you.