Think about 10 years from now

Picture yourself at this age. Now think about what you want to have achieved by then.

This can  be hard,  so I’ve provided  you with a list of areas that you can  consider. Please resist doing the financial goals first and start  with the personal goals. You don’t have to have  goals  in all areas. Don’t think too hard about it, just write down the goals  that first come  to mind – those that quickly come  to mind are likely to be the ones you have previously given thought to or are passionate about. And if you are passionate about something, it is more likely that you will achieve it because you place a high value on it and you are interested in it. Don’t even think about how you will achieve these goals, just get them down on paper!

Personal Goals


•             Health & fitness

•             Family

•             Education

•             Travel

•             Community

•             Charity

•             Work – how much?

Financial Goals


•             Investments/assets

•             Income

•             Work/business

•             Debt

•             Retirement

If you have a partner, compare each other’s goals.

•             Are there any goals that are similar or even the same?

•             Are there some goals of your partner’s that you didn’t know about?

Consider each other’s desires and determine what you can work towards together. Then think about three years time. In three years, which of these goals must have you achieved? These goals can be joint or individual goals, but they share the same timeline, and you must have these achieved in the next three years. It might mean you can achieve them next week, or it might take all of three years to do so, it doesn’t matter, it’s just about working out what you want to make sure you have  done  it in the next three  years. Three years is far enough away to achieve significant outcomes and soon enough to make short term tangible differences. You are committing to yourself or to each other, whichever is relevant to your situation, that you will achieve these in three years.

3    Work out the action plan to get there


After you have determined your goals and objectives, there are nine key ‘how you get there’ areas that lead you to being Financially Well Organised™. These nine key ensure that your strategy aligns with your personal and financial goals, and provides you with a step by step process to achieve your goals.

Being Financially Well Organised™ is as simple or complex as you want to make  it. The key is to understand that what being Financially Well Organised™ means to you will be different from your partner, your family, your friends and your work colleagues. It is what is relevant for you in your situation.  There is no one way – every situation is unique.

Become financially well organised.

Next week, we’ll start on your foundation plan with Estate Planning.

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