Business owners focused on doing ‘the work’ often take their eye off the lifeblood of their business; cash flow.

Without cash flow, businesses struggle to pay debts and pay you, the owner. Managing cash flow and driving cash flow improvement is just as vital to a business as a clear revenue strategy. You cannot afford to ignore cash flow management.

The cash flow improvement formula for a healthy business should:

  1. Drive debtors down
  2. Drive stock holdings down
  3. Maintain creditors at terms

So that surplus cash exists to:

  1. Make asset purchases
  2. Pay debts
  3. Pay dividends and drawings to owners

Managing cash flow by focusing your strategies on these areas will give you confidence in the business decisions you make.

The formulas and KPI’s for managing working capital are:

KPI Formula

Using current year sales of $5,000,000, a cash flow improvement of $103, 000 can be achieved by a 10% improvement in debtors and stock days and continuing to maintain creditors days in line with supplier terms as shown below.

Cash Flow Improvement

You can see with a few simple strategies, you can improve cash flow significantly.

In summary, the Top 5 Cash Flow Strategies for your business to drive cashflow growth are:




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