Charitable giving is worth more than the tax deductionYou’ve kept track of the charitable donations you’ve made throughout the financial year, and fantastic, they are all tax deductible.

But most of us know there is more to charitable giving than simply decreasing your annual tax bill.

From a business person’s point of view, giving to a charity or not-for-profit is a chance to step back from the everyday grind, give back to the community and support something you believe in.

I have been the President of SIDS and Kids Queensland for 15 years and I believe charitable organisations play an important role in business.

Getting your business involved in a charity or not-for-profit is not only a good business strategy; it can make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

It is also well documented that getting employees involved in charitable programmes can have a positive impact on morale and staff satisfaction.

We have recently implemented a salary sacrificing programme where staff can donate to bonuses to charities pre-tax.

We have also offered each staff member a yearly volunteer day, which they can take in addition to their standard leave entitlements to donate time to their chosen charity.

There are many ways your business can get involved in the community, and it could be easier than you think.

CEO of SIDS and Kids Queensland, Janet Davis, said businesses may be unaware of just how many different options are available.

There is a diverse range of opportunities available for corporates, including sponsorship, workplace giving, providing assistance at fundraising events by selling raffle tickets or merchandise during major fundraising events or even services in-kind.

Volunteering can also create a great team spirit. It’s a chance to get out of your busy business environment, work together, and have fun while helping a good cause.

A business can make decisions on how they would like to assist, depending on how much time and the level of commitment they can provide – they can assist on a regular basis or it can be a one-off occasion.

So where do I start, you ask?

When deciding what charity you would like your business to support and how you’d like to make a difference, consider what you are passionate about, how you would like to make a difference and what organisation your business would be happy aligning itself with.

It’s usually best to contact your chosen charity directly to discuss what suits them and your business.

Remember that often charities and not-for-profits don’t receive any Government funding and rely on the support of individuals, the community and businesses to provide much needed services, so make a difference and make charitable giving part of your business strategy today.