As the leader of your business, you are the business coach.

The coach of any sporting team picks the team, puts them into their positions, analyses strengths and weaknesses, develops the game plan, puts into place individual and team strategies, reviews the competition.  The coach’s job is to lead the team so that they can maximise their potential on the field, with a view to ultimately winning.

If the coach was a player on the team, who is going to watch from the sidelines to focus on the areas for improvement?  If the coach is playing, they have a responsibility to perform their role in the team during the game.  If they don’t they will let the team down.

If you are the coach and a player, how hard do you think it would be to present the half-time talk when you have been so caught up in the narrow focus of your involvement in the game as a player?  I’m not saying here that as a leader of your business you must delegate every task and have no role to play in the activities of the business.  I am saying that you cannot delegate the role of being the coach of your business.

If you spend all of your time playing in the business game, eventually your team will lack direction and you will lose.  If you understand your role as a coach in your business and you are frustrated, chances are you are spending too much time playing.  Coach the team first, play the game second.