One of the key ways to grow your business is to increase the number of customers you deal with.

So how do you go about increasing the number of your customers?

One of your most valuable business assets is your customer base and it would typically include a lot of loyal and satisfied customers. You can turn these loyal and satisfied customers into advocates of your business.

Getting an existing client to recommend your business to a friend or associate is known as a “referral”. It is an extremely powerful way to grow your business.

You need to develop a referral process in your business that generates consistent, ethical, repeatable, referral opportunities.

There are some basic platforms to adhere to in developing a referral process:

    1. Plan

Most referrals occur when a customer is talking with a friend or business associate over coffee or at a barbeque, social occasion, sporting event, etc. Your referral process needs to focus on those moments, and not just when you are dealing with your customers.

    1. Educate

Your customers need to know WHO would be a good referral for your business, HOW to refer someone to you and WHAT will happen when they provide a referral. Educating your customers on the WHO, HOW and WHAT is extremely important.

    1. Market

Referrals are a marketing tool to generate new business prospects. You need to develop a referral system that is a repeatable process, then monitor the results of your process and change the process as required.

    1. Multiple Touch Points

Referrals are more than just discussions with customers. Your referral process should include a combination of touch points such as emails, handouts, mail-outs, cards, etc.

    1. Realistic Expectations

Referral marketing is not always going to work but it does achieve a higher success rate than other forms of marketing. If you accept that you will not always WIN, you WILL be surprised by the results.

    1. Persist

Referral marketing is a process. It requires consistent and repeatable steps that need to be implemented on a regular and on-going basis. Subliminal, consistent and regular contact with your customers is what is required to achieve effective results.

There is no doubt that a focused referral process is a powerful way for you to grow your business.