Jobkeeper lawyers


In this JobKeeper update, Matt Schlyder from FWO Chartered Accountants, will run through the new law that has now been passed on JobKeeper extending eligibility beyond September.

He’ll provide you with an update on what it means for your firm’s entitlements, as well as an overview of what you need to understand in relation to your employees wages changes, even if you don’t qualify for the JobKeeper extension.

Labour cost is the largest expense of a Law Firm and its relationship with revenue during COVID-19 has been critical to the continued survival of Law Firms. The JobKeeper Fair Work rules allowed you to reduce your employees wages, legitimately.

To apply these rules, you had to be eligible for JobKeeper.

The government has extended these concessions for employers who don’t satisfy the JobKeeper extension eligibility rules, but have provided some new rules you must be aware of if you plan on extending your strategy of reduced labour cost beyond September.

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