On any given day in Australia, 40 people per hour will be diagnosed with cancer. There are few people who do not know of a friend, acquaintance, or relative who has not had cancer and it can affect people of all ages. While we do not want to consider the subject, it is a fact of life we may have to face at some time.

Cancer can be a frightening, debilitating disease and treatment can continue for months or years. Improvements in detection and treatment have resulted in greater survival rates for many cancers, but rehabilitation can be slow and may mean that victims are off work for months.

Although it can attack many parts of the body, the major causes for men and women are as follows:

There is a good chance you will survive most cancers, but how will you be placed to cope with life during and after your recovery period if you are unable to work or perform normal daily duties? What will be the cost of care?

At FWO Chartered Accountants we recognise the cost in time, health and money that this disease may cause and recommend that clients review their personal insurance needs.  If you wish to avail yourself of this service or to get further information, please call us on 07 3833 3999.

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