Sales 101 For Lawyers

I’ve never been backward in coming forward when it comes to the importance of strong sales processes in legal firms.

Let’s face it, most firms rely on their costs agreement being signed as the principal document to effect the sale.  Once your costs agreement is signed, you start work.  That’s great. It satisfies the requirements for the relevant law, but does it really work in your favour as part of the process to secure the instructions?

I think the costs agreement hinders the client relationship with the client and adds nothing to the confidence of the client in agreeing to spend their money with you.  I understand that it’s required, but how many clients actually read it?  How many of them know what it says?

The salesperson has ONE outcome they want to achieve: Take the order.

From a professional services perspective, taking the order is having the client agree to the services you provide.

Learn how to become a salesperson with your clients!

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