Business Growth Strategies

One of the keys to running a successful law firm is standing out from the crowd, establishing a point of difference and effectively communicating that to your existing and potential clients. Here are our top 10 strategies that can help you to set your firm apart and grow your business.

1.     Marketing

A well planned marketing strategy will provide both insight and guidance that will help bring in new business and retain existing clients. It is also important to ensure everyone within the firm is well aware of all the services the firm offers and is capable of handling.

2.     Regular Client Meetings

Heading out of the office and making the time to regularly meet with your clients (existing and potential) either on their turf or somewhere neutral, such as a coffee shop, is important for the establishment and maintenance of strong and lasting professional relationships.

3.     Website

Yellow Pages are becoming obsolete, as online search takes over. Having a website for your firm is now more important than ever. To ensure that your website is working in the best interest of your firm, make sure that it is providing ‘solutions’, that it is built with the client in mind and providing valuable and educational information.

4.     Define your Core Message

Your firm’s core message should clearly identify your point of difference and should be consistent across all communication.

5.     Create and Manage your database

A clean and current database is essential for ensuring you have a healthy flow of leads. You need to identify prospects and clients and communicate accordingly. To have a current database that you are consistently growing is invaluable to maintaining a flow of quality leads.

6.     Clients First

Word of mouth is always the most powerful marketing strategy. Ensuring your firm delivers exceptional customer experience will go a long way toward generating positive word of mouth referrals. A good way to monitor how your clients feel about the firm is to use client evaluations to gain their feedback.

7.     Plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A well developed plan will provide you with clear direction and help keep the focus on what needs to be done to achieve your firm’s goals and objectives.

8.     Write

Writing expert, topical articles and having them published in relevant blogs or magazines will help establish your reputation as an expert. You can also further leverage your writing by creating a mailing list of existing and potential clients and sending them e-newsletters with copies of your latest articles.

9.     Community Involvement

Supporting a selected charity, community group or association that is important to you will not only mean you are contributing to a worthy cause, but can also be a powerful networking opportunity.

10.  Identify your best clients

As you will have likely heard before, 80% of your business will come from 20% of your clients. By identifying who those 20% are and working on building those relationships, you will help guarantee future business and referrals.

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