We know that many of you are flat-out running your practices and sometimes that means that you don’t find the time to think about your law firm’s growth strategy, or to reflect on how your practice is performing and develop and implement profitability and cash flow driving actions.

That is why FWO have developed Growth Club; an exclusive club providing like-minded legal practitioners in the 1-4 partner practice space with a confidential environment in which they can find accountability, sharing, learning and support.

If your firm has a desire for growth in profitability and cash flow, then Growth Club may just be what you are looking for. As mentioned above, Growth Club is an exclusive and confidential 12 month program that will provide you with insight into how other firms operate, it will provide you with an environment to exchange ideas and strategies and ultimately put  some of these into practice within your own firm.

Further, Growth Club will provide a detailed Profit & Cash Flow review and assessment of your firm as well as a Legal Practice Performance Review Report with your results and action plan.

Over the 12 month period only 5 clubs will run, with membership in each limited to 10 non-competing legal firms per group. Your group will meet 5 times over the year for a full day workshop. The regular workshops allow you to hold yourself accountable and responsible for the implementation of your strategic plans, share the results and learn from and support each other through the process. Space is already filling fast, so it is imperative that you apply to join one now, before we run out of space.

By the end of the Growth Club program, members will have been given the tools and support to make a real difference in their firm, to create significant revenue growth and achieve the goals they’ve set.

As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Is your firm ready to try something different?

To find out more about applying to join, click here.