Profit & Cash Flow

We help you understand the drivers of profit and cash flow in your firm.

Proven Strategies

Our Grow Your Firm strategy can be individually tailored and implemented to improve profit and cash flow in your business.

Identifying actions

We identify critical issues that your business needs to address to improve profit and cash flow, tailoring solutions to your business. These include:

  • Poor client engagement
  • No revenue strategy or non-alignment to the firm’s strategy
  • Discretionary pricing and billing policies
  • Lack of cash flow management systems
  • Too much labour cost for revenue
  • High principal productivity and low fee earner productivity
  • Professional charge rates disconnect to revenue earned and labour paid
  • No structured business plan
  • No accountability or wrong KPI measurements
  • No structured time out by the principals to regularly plan and review progress

FWO has proven strategies that can be tailored and implemented into your firm, via our Grow Your Firm offering which is designed to help:

  • Identify the three critical actions that you need to take to improve profit and cash flow based on your existing structures and numbers
  • Provide you with proven strategies to implement in your firm that drive these changes
  • Support you and hold you accountable to implement your actions and achieve your outcomes via fixed structured, quarterly face-to-face meetings at your offices in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and South Australia.

To support you and hold you accountable to implementing these actions and achieve the firm’s overall outcomes, we either lock in monthly or quarterly face-to-face strategic meetings at your offices or give an option for biannual face-to-face meetings with the remaining meeting held virtually.

For those firms looking for additional accountability, we can tailor weekly and monthly KPI accountability reports with corresponding financial reporting delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our Guarantee

Fixed Fees

Your annual fees are fixed and paid monthly over 12 equal payment to smooth out your cash flow. Your fees will only ever increase by 2.5% each year*.

Unlimited Meetings & Calls

You will not be charged any fee for meeting with us or contacting us to discuss any matter whatsoever.

Personally Delivered

Your Annual Financial Statements & Tax Returns will be personally delivered to you, and where this is not possible due to location, then we will meet with you online to run through.

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