Annual Accounting Package.

When it comes to managing your annual tax, accounting and compliance needs, we do things a bit differently to most. Your annual fees are fixed and paid monthly over 12 equal payment to smooth out your cash flow. Your fees will only ever increase by 2.5% each year, unless you have had major changes in your affairs, in which case, we will know about the changes in advance and engage you with a new fixed fee for that year. That means that your fees don’t always go up, they will go down as your affairs simplify.

Our Annual Accounting Package incorporates the following, if applicable to your needs:

Annual Tax Planning is also a standard inclusion. Each year, in the last quarter, well before 30 June, we review your results for the year so far and estimate your taxable income position. We identify any actions that you need to take before 30 June and work out the best way to legally ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible. We map out your tax cash flows so that you don’t have any surprises when it comes to your tax position.

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