As professionals, we understand that simplicity is the key when it comes to your superannuation, investment and insurance strategies. You need to preserve your capital that you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Your investment and superannuation strategy MUST align to your goals and objectives. And when something unplanned happens, like death, disablement or injury, you want the peace of mind knowing that family, business and income are protected.


Superannuation is misunderstood. Superannuation is not an investment, it’s a structure through which you invest. It has rules that must be complied with, and your money is locked away until you are between 55 and 60. The super tax rate is either 0% or 15% on earnings and contributions, which makes it the most effective investment vehicle because you get to keep a higher amount of your after tax earnings. This means more of your income is working for you to build wealth. Superannuation must be one part of your Financially Well Organised strategy.

We provide our clients with 2 different superannuation solutions to manage our clients Superannuation Plans, depending on their goals and objectives:

Download the Superannuation Plan whitepaper to understand the importance of superannuation as part of your Financially Well Organised strategy.


Your investment strategy MUST be designed to:

These are the fundamental rules of any investment plan. Whether you invest directly or indirectly in shares, property or fixed interest, your plan must take into consideration these essential constraints. Whilst the underlying investment selection is critical to success, it is only part of your investment plan.

Our investment plans are tailored to meet our clients’ financial objectives. We provide a direct investment solution that has stood the test of time through market turbulence.

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Download the Investment Plan whitepaper to understand the importance of investments as part of your Financially Well Organised strategy.


Managing risk is critical to protect your family, your business and to secure your financial future when things happen that you don’t plan for. Your risk plan should insure you when you: die, become totally and permanently disabled in your own occupation, or when you become ill, either critically or unable to work. You must protect your assets, your future income, and importantly provide your family and business with the necessary capital to survive and thrive, given the worst of outcomes.

Our insurance solutions are tailored for professionals and are designed to meet these objectives.

Download the Asset Protection Plan whitepaper to understand the importance of insurance as part of your Financially Well Organised strategy.