Too good of an opportunity to pass up

We all have superannuation, but how many of us really do anything with it? The ‘set and forget’ approach is easy to understand. Money goes in with the expectation that it will grow into a nice nest egg, and when we retire, we will sit back and take a pension or a lump sum.

We’re often apprehensive about going anywhere near our superannuation. We are naturally protective of the one thing we can count on in retirement. Effective superannuation planning does not put your retirement savings at risk. On the contrary, it is about taking advantage of superannuation’s numerous advantages, particularly the low tax on earnings and asset protection benefits.

Click on the video below to hear Matt Schlyder discuss the benefits of long-term compounding growth in a low-tax superannuation environment.

By increasing concessional contributions, more wealth can be held (and grown) in the tax-efficient superannuation environment, where investment earnings are taxed at (only) 15%. This tax rate may be significantly lower than the individual marginal tax rates you would otherwise face. Click on the guide below to read more about how super can help you grow your wealth.

Download the guide here

A final thought: Did you know that.

…when your fund begins paying a pension (in the retirement phase), the tax on earnings in the fund is 0%?
This increases the benefits of compounding higher after-tax returns through retirement.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your superannuation plan at anytime,
please contact Matt Schlyder at or on 07 3833 3999.

The 10 key elements to becoming Financially Well Organised

When you have a clear strategy for each of the elements, you will be  Financially Well Organised and you too can have peace of mind your financial affairs are in order.

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